No pressure, no obligation support for carers

If you access the program and your exploration results in you deciding that the time is not right or that employment is all too hard – that’s OK. There is no pressure or obligation.


Unpaid carers of employment age are eligible to access the program. An unpaid carer is someone who is not employed as a carer. Being in receipt of carer allowances, etc. is not considered “payment”.

Vocational opportunity

The project has been funded to support carers to explore their options, current or future, for employment and/or training. Employment can include working for an employer, unpaid or volunteer work or self-employment. Carers may choose to work only a few hours per week. There is no minimum required. Training or further education may include initial confidence building, stress management and resilience as well as computer skills, industry taster courses. Anything that assists the carer to achieve their goals and prepare them for eventual employment.

Support available

  • Initial exploration and planning
  • Setting goals
  • Building confidence
  • Resume and job interview skills
  • Finding work
  • Training and further education
  • Mentoring
  • Referral to other agencies to assist with addressing barriers and meeting non-vocational needs

Tools and resources

This resource and planning kit is available as part of a suite of supports for you, the carer. In addition to the kit we are able to link you into a range of programs and services, providing mentoring and support as you progress on your journey.